For Seniors

What makes MRS unique?

Medi-Cal Regulation Specialists services are unique due in large part to our background.  As a former DHS Eligibility Worker for the State of California, Kathryn Humphres offers insight and knowledge that few others can provide.  During her time at DHS she learned about Medi-Cal Regulations but also taught her the inner workings about procedure and of course the fluidity of the inner language of Medi-Cal that commonly makes others feel like outsiders. When Kathryn speaks to DHS Eligibility Workers, they communicate together in a way that eliminates erroneous actions and denials from the County. Knowing the inner language and procedure are important factors that better enables M.R.S. to secure and guarantee positive outcomes for the families that we represent.

We have also gone through the process of being a care manager for our own family members. We not only have compassion and empathy but also an understanding of what the families that are overwhelmed and lost and that reach out to us for help are going through. Each of our clients is respected and treated as an individual, a friend, not just another pending file.

We understand and have thirty years of experience with all issues that our seniors face. We strive to make the application processes for Medi-Cal benefits as painless, streamlined, and efficient as possible for our families.

We faithfully manage the Medi-Cal bureaucracy so that our families can continue to focus their energy on the Care Management needs of their spouses and parents.

Why is this unique?

Offering affordable services to all Californians, even those who are poverty stricken is not an industry standard. For obvious financial reasons services from Attorneys that specialize in elder law are in most cases unaffordable for our elderly citizens who are existing on a fixed income.

MRS in no way wants to discard Elder Lawyers as needless; in fact, Elder Lawyers are excellent and highly recommended for the establishment of family trusts and other legal needs, but MRS is different in that we want to share ALL of the legal options regarding planning and preserving estates. We want our clients to explore all of their options and choose what is best for their families’ particular situation.

Many Senior Industry Social Workers, Nurses, Caregivers, Case Managers, and Convalescent Staff attempt to assist families with Medi-Cal. They do this out of necessity as the application paperwork must be completed in a time sensitive matter if their facilities are to be paid for the services that they are providing to the applicant. They do this to attempt to help as most families are overwhelmed by the entirety of being a care manager for a loved one.

However, when they attempt to help a family with Medi-Cal, they inadvertently cause themselves liability as they try to help with a process as complex as Medi-Cal is. They are working for what they believe is in the elderly patients’ best interests, but the problem is that they go beyond and outside of their training and knowledge. Though these care providers are doing what they feel to be a good thing they often do not know enough about Medi-Cal Regulations. In fact, it can be safely stated that they often know just enough to inadvertently hurt their clients’ situation and estate.

Another thing to remember is that most of these professionals are not going to know enough to present your family with ALL of your options when planning for Medi-Cal, nor are they going to talk to you about subtle and obscure topics like DHS recovery of your family Estate.

We here at MRS have seen many cases where families were given misinformation about Medi-Cal from the facility so that the patient believed they must pay privately. Most of these facilities are staffed by good honest people, but even good, honest, and caring people make mistakes. These mistakes can be costly to you and your family.

You can look at it this way, we not only advise you during the planning stage and then complete all your paperwork with DHS; we also represent you and your family with the DHS Medi-Cal Eligibility Worker. We handle all correspondence with DHS through the entire process. We stand by our work. We guarantee our families who follow our guidance an approval for Medi-Cal benefits. We do not just send you down to Medi-Cal to do this on your own, which is what normally happens when “industry representatives” help you fill out the formal paperwork. Would you allow a nurse to perform surgery on you just because she is familiar with the practice? Then neither should you allow your care provider’s representative to complete your application simply because they are somewhat familiar with the field. We would never try to do the job of a social worker or Doctor!

For $95 your family can schedule a consultation with our Medi-Cal Experts.