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Kathryn Humphres, Owner, and former Medi-Cal Eligibility Worker established Medi-Cal Regulation Specialists in 1996 in response to the growing need that she saw for affordable and knowledgeable advocacy on behalf of the disabled and senior communities.
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Why We Are Different

Having worked at Medi-Cal Kathryn knows the inner workings and procedures and speaks the Medi-Cal language that makes others feel like outsiders.

what we do

M.R.S. will evaluate your families potential for Medi-Cal entitlement benefits. We provide options, strategies, and representation your family will need to successfully complete the application process.

100% Success Rate

Former Medi-Cal Eligibility worker, Kathryn Humphres, offers your family an affordable and unique insiders view of the Medi-Cal eligibility process. We know the system and we get results.
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