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About Medi-Cal
Regulation Specialists

Kathryn Humphres established Medi-Cal Regulations Specialists (M.R.S.) in 1996 after seven years working for the Department of Health Services (D.H.S.) as a Med-Cal eligibility worker. While working at D.H.S. she discovered an intense ever-growing public need existed for affordable and knowledgeable advocacy on behalf of seniors and their families.

Kathryn created M.R.S. to provide guidance and advocacy for seniors as well as others with catastrophic Medi-Cal needs who find themselves facing high costs medical care without coverage. Kathryn has personally been the authorized representative for thousands of families who have received Medi-Cal eligibility approvals during her 28 years of advocating for California families.

With 30 combined years of experience in the Medi-Cal field Kathryn has truly established herself as one of the experts in the California Medi-Cal industry. She continues to receive DHS directives and updated regulation changes directly from the State of California.

In addition to those families that she personally represents, Kathryn has also indirectly been responsible for thousands of approvals because of the reform that she has been responsible for. Her oversight has established Kathryn as a recognized voice for reform in counties throughout the state where County D.H.S. Property Analysts were not in compliance with the correct interpretations of DHS regulations. Kathryn continues to maintain respected working relationships with top D.H.S. Directors who she can directly contact to implement reform when necessary that not only helps her clients but also indirectly effects thousands of unknowing families throughout the state.

The State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences has validated Kathryn’s expertise in that they previously accredited Kathryn to teach a two-unit continuing education course about Medi-Cal to educate Senior Industry Administrators, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. M.R.S. continues to provide the course without cost, but on an unaccredited basis to groups all throughout the state.

As a Christian business owner Kathryn takes great pride and feels blessed to be able to help families during such an inherently stressful time. When she began her advocacy (ministry) California families had few options for affordable, straightforward, trustworthy, and honest assistance.

The whole Medi-Cal process is inherently stressful and to attempt to navigate its’ bureaucracy during what is already a highly emotional and stressful time becomes too much to manage alone.  Family care managers are often overwhelmed; couple the normal day to day stress of their own lives and monitoring the challenges of their loved one care needs and acclimating to a senior care home, the Care Managers are further tasked with the burdensome and daunting process of spending countless hours standing in long lines at Medi-Cal attempting to navigate the bureaucracy! It’s just too much!!! M.R.S. is here to help!

Kathryn has also personally experienced the challenges of being a care manager for her own father, mother, and uncle. She has experienced firsthand how difficult and overwhelming managing the health plan for another can be. This is why she considers that Medi-Cal Regulation Specialists is her ministry and feels blessed to provide a service that has proven to streamline the complex process and in turn reduces the stress and anxiety of the families for whom she advocates.