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Medi-Cal Planning for the Elderly Title

What makes MRS unique?
MRS is unique because the owner, a former Eligibility Worker, offers affordable planning services to both those financially secure and those living in a poverty stricken situation needing guidance through the intimidating Medi-Cal application process.

Why is this unique?
Offering services to those who are poverty stricken is not an industry standard. For obvious reasons service from lawyers that specialize in elder law are in most cases far beyond the financial capabilities of our elderly citizens living on a fixed income. MRS in no way wants to discard Elder Lawyers as needless; in fact, Elder Lawyers are excellent and highly recommended for the establishment of family trust and other legal needs. But, again, Elder Lawyers tend to be very costly for those merely seeking guidance through the Long Term Care Medi-Cal application process.

On the same note Insurance Agents that offer Medi-Cal application services will likely only offer services if the elderly client is wealthy by Medi-Cal standards. Their main objective is to lock up all the liquid assets into an annuity. Please understand that using an annuity is not wrong, but most often annuities are improperly used. There are many financial options that may allow a client to retain full access to their money without locking all of it away in an irrevocable annuity.

These other options such as fair hearings and final needs savings accounts, are often not mentioned by insurance salesman as these options take money away from the annuity they are trying to sell and in return lowering their commission. This may not always be the case but we simply want to warn you in regards to whom you are dealing with and why they offer the services in the manner that they do.

Again, we here at MRS are not condemning the use of annuities rather we often question the Insurance Agent’s competence and integrity due to the way in which they are applying the annuities to their clients. We are only trying to explain that MRS is different because we want our clients to explore all their options before investing in an annuity or any other facet, such as spend downs, that result in a loss of financial control of their own finances.

In the past, after exhausting all of the other financial options, MRS referred clients to Insurance Agents to have their Medi-Cal annuities completed. Unfortunately, several of our clients were mistreated by these insurance salesmen. The attempt to cajole our clients into investing beyond the recommended amount spawned us to work with specifically licensed Insurance Agents to help assist our clients with appropriate Medi-Cal designed annuities. MRS can then guarantee that only the highest standard of ethics and morals are used in representing our clients’ particular interests and needs.

This may seem a little contradictive but we can only stress that annuities are not the first and only option that should be considered. Again, Kathryn Humphres is an expert in the rules and regulations of Medi-Cal, thereby fully equipped to inform you of all your options established through judicial legislation for asset allocation established through the Department of Social Services.

Please understand all this information is not new to the Senior Industry. In fact a lot of the Senior Industry such as Social Workers, Nurses, Caregivers, Case Managers, Hospital, and Convalescent Staff assist families with the application paperwork; they do this to try and help. When they go beyond their spectrum of duty it is usually for the elderly patients’ best interests, the problem is that they go beyond their spectrum of knowledge. Though these care providers are doing what they feel to be a good thing they often do not know enough about Medi-Cal regulations. In fact, they tend to know just enough to hurt their clients.

Another thing to remember is that most of these professionals are not going to help you with all your options when applying for Medi-Cal, nor are they going to talk to you about recovery.

We here at MRS have seen many cases where families were given misinformation about Medi-Cal from the facility so that the patient believed they must pay privately. Most of these facilities are staffed by good honest people, but even good, honest, and caring people make mistakes. These mistakes can be costly to you and your family.

You can look at it this way, we not only complete all your paperwork involved with your application but we also represent you through the entire process. We stand by our work. We don’t just send you out to do this on your own which is basically what happens when “someone” helps you fill out the paperwork. Would you allow a nurse to perform surgery on you just because she is familiar with the practice? Then neither should you allow your provider to complete your application simply because he is familiar with the field.

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From Our Clients:

'Thank you for saving my sanity and taking care of Mother’s well being at a time when I thought I had let my family members down and had no where or no one else to turn to. What can I say! I love you guys.'