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California Medi-Cal Seminars by M.R.S.

The State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences had previously accredited Kathryn to teach a two-unit continuing education course about Medi-Cal to Hospital Administrators, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. She now provides the unaccredited course to groups all throughout the state.

Kathryn travels throughout the state of California to teach this course to both the public and private sector.

Les Vanderpool, Vice President of Medi-Cal Regulations Specialists, will also conduct seminars for public interests groups such as Churches, Senior Living Facilities, and Retirement Communities, etc.

The title of the seminar is “The Truth About Medi-Cal.” The course includes subjects such as the difference between countable versus uncountable assets, gifting assets, other special programs established through legislative decisions, recovery issues, Medi-Cal myths, and many other important issues dealing with Medi-Cal programs.

To plan or schedule a seminar, to find out about any upcoming events, or to be contacted when a seminar is in your area please e-mail MRS at or call 877.677.6334.