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About MRS - providers of Medi-Cal Eligibility Assistance

Kathryn Humphres, owner and president of Medical Ragulation SpecialistsKathryn Humphres started Medi-Cal Regulations Specialists in 1996. After 6 years as a Med-Cal eligibility worker she saw the intense need for affordable and knowledgeable advocacy on behalf of seniors and their families. Her service is designed to help seniors as well as others with catastrophic Medi-Cal needs who find themselves without coverage. Kathryn has been responsible for over a thousand Medi-Cal eligibility approvals during her 13 years of privately advocating for families.

With 22 years experience in the Medi-Cal field Kathryn has truly established herself as the expert in the Medi-Cal industry. Kathryn receives updated regulation changes and Department of Health Services new directives directly from the State of California. She has been a recognized voice for reform in counties that were not in compliance with the correct interpretations of DHS regulations.

The State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences had previously accredited Kathryn to teach a two-unit continuing education course about Medi-Cal to Senior Industry Administrators, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. She now provides the unaccredited course to groups all throughout the state.

As a Christian business owner Kathryn takes great pride and feels blessed to be able to help families in need. Until recently, families had few options for affordable, trustworthy, legal, and honest help. She has been through the process with her own father. She has seen firsthand the turmoil and painful effects of seeing a loved one dragged through the Medi-Cal application process.

In these hard and stressful times, families have enough to deal with other than spending hours with Medi-Cal workers and dealing with issues they donít understand nor have knowledge of. The stress created in trying to figure out the complicated Medi-Cal process is often times overwhelming.